Saturday, September 25, 2010

for my international readers

[Undanfarið hef ég verið afar, afar upptekin við að fylgjast með tískuvikunum í New York og London. Því hef ég vanrækt þessa síðu. En ég hef tekið eftir því að þó nokkur fjöldi lesenda minna er búsettur erlendis, og því hef ég ákveðið að skrifa eina færslu handa þeim. Nú er ég ekki mjög sleip í ensku, en ég fann þetta hérna undraverða tæki.]

Pit lovers,

Here are the questions that I think the focus remains on the lips you all. Enjoy a whole.

How was it that you decided to become a fashion blog?

Like I mentioned in my first post then I found a significant lack of fashion blogs on the internet.

How did you get interested in fashion?

It happened when I was about nine years old and my dad was working curtains made of white tjulli.

What are your favorite fashion labels and fashion garments ads?

It'sa difficult question! I think I must say that socks are my favorite garments, and I find it much more fun to mix different socks. So I come as a surprise to people and get it to revise prior ideas about dress code. And the successful challenge to I have already thinking about the beauty of people. Then my goals achieved. I am also very impressed by the broad pajamas (which need to be very widely in the waist (but tedious complication of excessive Siddall, however, that I lack with the fence on top (irregular socks (which could actually call my signature look))). I am also impressed by the wide bodies, and wears a lot garments from my girlfriend, but he is very considerably larger than me, which suits me just fine.

Are you starting to have livelihoods of the blog?

No, not yet. But my hopes are that soon enough I get many readers to be able to sell advertising. I can say my job and live free of my writings. I'm also still waiting for the clothing manufacturers begin to send me a free garments, and I'm waiting too excited by that some media will see the benefit in paying me and óaðfinnalegri fashion consciousness memory before going on all the fashion weeks the world, and write about major fashion events.

Now seen on your blog that you have two cats. Would you say that it is fashionable to have two cats?

Without hesitation. The cats may not be how that is. I chose my in terms of how well the coat their skin color would suit my complexion. For example, if a person is dökkhærður and blue eyes like me, then is it bad to have rauðbröndóttan or cream colored cat. The colors simply do not fit together, and it appears you will folate and low saree, than you should for example black or gray cat.

Something eventually?

Fashion forever, amen.



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